Spectral Sky 300M (SS300M) is a modified Lancair Evolution; the premiere general aviation 4-seat aircraft built with 100% carbon fiber and powered by a 750hp Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turboprop.

Depending on sensor configuration, maximum flight time is up to 14 hours. A HD IR/EO surveillance pod provides multispectral, high definition video. Additional avionics and communication gear have been integrated to allow for payload command and control with high definition video downlink to a ground station.

The SS300M has a flexible payload configuration ranging from 125 to 800 pounds. The aircraft max takeoff weight ground roll is 1,200 feet with ranges up to 2,200 nm, sprint speeds of 300 knots (depending on sensor package), a ceiling of 31,000 feet and a cross wind limitation of 25 knots. Along with its extraordinary range and speed, SS300M includes unique safety features – a design stall speed of 62 kts and the only turbo-prop airplane in the world to feature an airframe-attached ballistic parachute.

The first flight of the SS300M will take place in March 2016 to demonstrate the integration of the IR/EO Pod, auxiliary fuel tank, and data link capabilities. The SS300M will be available for purchase, lease or contract missions in Q2-2016.


Spectral Sky 300M (SS300M)


Operators 1 Pilot (minimum)
1 Ground operator (recommended)
Power plant Pratt & Whitney PT-6, 750 hp
Sensor options EO/IR, Hyperspectral imaging, LiDAR, SAR/ISAR
Max. range Payload dependent up to 2,200 nm
Max. speed 300 kts
Stall speed 62 kts
Cruise speed 110 kts (for best endurance)
165 kts (for max range)
MTO weight 4,550 lbs (2,064 kg)
Empty weight 2,600 lbs (1,270 kg)
Takeoff roll 1,200 ft
Ceiling 31,000 ft

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