Matrice 600 (M600)

DJI's new flying platform designed for professional aerial photography and industrial applications.

Velodyne PUCK™ (VLP-16)

The smallest, newest, and most advanced product in Velodyne's 3D LiDAR product range.

Geodetics Geo-iNav®

High-performance, rugged GPS-aided intertial navigation system.


Turnkey LiDAR Mobile Mapping and Survey Solution


Built on DJI’s Matrice 600 (M600) hexacopter aircraft, the SS25L utilizes the precision centimeter-level accuracy of the Geodetics LiDAR Mobile Mapping System (Geo-MMS™).

Plan, fly, collect and process to produce quality LiDAR deliverables (contours, DSM, DTM, LAS) for your customers; all with one fully integrated end-to-end solution.

The SS25L integrated system includes:

• Fully Assembled Matrice 600 (M600) w/ Case
• Geo-MMS™ LiDAR Mobile Mapping System
• Battery for Geo-MMS™ + Battery Charger
• iGage X90-OPUS GPS Base Station
• Workstation Laptop & 7” Tablet w/ Hood
• Processing Software Suite
• Training and Documentation

See component specs below for more details
M600 / Geo-MMS™ / X90-OPUS / Workstation / Training


The modular design makes the M600 easy to set up and ready to use in just minutes. Its dust proof propulsion systems simplify maintenance while actively cooled motors make for reliable operation over extended periods of time.


The M600 uses sine-wave driven, intelligent Electronic Speed Controls to ensure it performs accurately, safely and efficiently while A3’s self-adaptive flight systems adjust flight parameters automatically based on different payloads.


The M600 features an extended flight time, a 5 km range, and ultra-low latency HD image transmission for accurate image composition and capture. A customized battery management system and power distribution board allows all six DJI Intelligent Batteries to be turned on with one press of a button and keeps the system in flight in the event of a failure of a single battery; even allowing users to check battery status in real-time during flight.

M600 Specs

Diagonal Wheelbase 1133 mm
Aircraft Dimensions 1668 mm x 1518 mm x 759 mm (unfolded)
640 mm x 582 mm x 623 mm (folded)
 Intelligent Flight Batteries 6
Weight (w/ 6xTB47S batteries) 9.1 kg
Weight (w/ 6xTB48S batteries) 9.6 kg
Max Takeoff Weight 15.1 kg
Motor Model DJI 6010
Propeller Model DJI 2170
Model A3
Model TB47S
Capacity 4500 mAh
Voltage 22.2 V
Type LiPo 6S
Energy 99.9 Wh
Net Weight 595 g
Operating Temperature 14° to 104° F (-10° to 40° C)
Storage Temperature Less than 3 months: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
More than 3 months: 72° to 82° F (22° to 28° C)
Charge Temperature 41° to 104° F (5° to 40° C)
Max Charging Power 180 W
Model TB48S
Capacity 5700 mAh
Voltage 22.8 V
Type LiPo 6S
Energy 129.96 Wh
Net Weight 680 g
Operating Temperature 14° to 104° F (-10° to 40° C)
Storage Temperature Less than 3 months: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
More than 3 months: 72° to 82° F (22° to 28° C)
Charge Temperature 41° to 104° F (5° to 40° C)
Max Charging Power 180 W
Hovering Accuracy (P-Mode, with GPS) Vertical: ±0.5 m, Horizontal: ±1.5 m
Max Angular Velocity Pitch: 300°/s, Yaw: 150°/s
Max Pitch Angle 25°
Max Speed of Ascent 5 m/s
Max Speed of Descent 3 m/s
Max Wind Resistance 8 m/s
Max Flight Altitude above Sea Level 2500 m
Max Speed 18 m/s (No wind)
Hovering Time (w/ 6xTB47S batteries)* No payload: 35 min
Configured payload: 25 min
Hovering Time (w/ 6xTB48S batteries)* No payload: 40 min
Configured payload: 30 min
*The hovering time is based on landing with 10% battery level.
Model A14-100P1A
Voltage Output 26.3 V
Power Rating 100 W
Operating Frequency 920.6 MHz to 928 MHz (Japan)
5.725 GHz to 5.825 GHz
2.400 GHz to 2.483 GHz
Max Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference) FCC Compliant: 3.1 miles (5 km)
CE Compliant: 2.1 miles (3.5 km)
EIRP 10 dBm @ 900 M
13 dBm @ 5.8 G
20 dBm @ 2.4 G
Video Output Port HDMI, SDI, USB
Dual Users Capability Master-and-Slave control
Mobile Device Holder Supports smartphones and tablets
Output Power 9 W
Operating Temperature Less than 3 months: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
More than 3 months: 72° to 82° F (22° to 28° C)
Charge Temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Built-in Battery 6000 mAh, 2S LiPo
Max Tablet Width 170 mm
Retractable Landing Gear Standard
Operating Temperature 14° to 104° F (-10° to 40° C)

Custom Pelican Hardigg Case

Designed to fit the SS25L configuration and payload, this case was developed to maximize portability and protection of the SS25L UAS. With three layers of custom cut foam interior, it provides the perfect transport/storage solution for the aircraft, batteries and sensors.

The Geo-iNAV® is a high-performance, rugged GPS-aided inertial navigation system. The Geo-iNAV tightly couples an RTK-enabled dual-frequency GPS sensor with a wide range of IMU’s including fiber-optic gyro and ring- laser gyro IMU’s for the highest levels of accuracy. The Geo-iNAV provides on-board data recording and hosting of user applications via the SDK.

Size / Weight / Power 33.8 in3 (4.73 x 3.95 x 1.81) / 20 oz., 10 – 30 VDC @ 2 Amps min. (not including external IMU)
Temperature Range Specified: -20°C to +65°C | Operating: -40°C to +70°C
Interfaces External power connector, TNC GPS antenna connector, 1 Ethernet data port, 3 RS-232 serial ports, 1PPS output, 4 status LEDs
Real-Time Data Output Navigation solutions at 100 Hz. available via Ethernet, RS-232, Solution Latency – 16 microseconds 1δ
Data Recording / Logging Navigation solutions Raw GPS & IMU data (for post-processing)
Web User Interface Status, Configuration, Log, SW Update

Vastly more cost-effective than similarly priced sensors, and developed with mass production in mind, the VLP-16 retains the key features of Velodyne’s breakthroughs in LiDAR: Real-time, 360°, 3D distance and calibrated reflectivity measurements.

3D LiDAR Data Points Single Return Mode: ~300,000 pts/sec
Dual Return Mode: ~600,000 pts/sec
Channels 16
Measurement Range 100 m
Accuracy ± 3cm (Typical)
Returns Single and Dual (Strongest, Last)
Field of View (Vertical) +15.0° to -15° (30°)
Angular Resolution (Vertical) 2.0°
Field of View (Horizontal) 360°
Angular Resolution (Horizontal/Azimuth) 0.1° - 0.4°
Rotation Rates 5 Hz - 20 Hz
Monitoring/Config. Integrated Web Server
Power Consumption 8 W (Typical)
Operating Voltage Supplied via iNav
Shock 500 m/s2 Amplitude 11ms Duration
Vibrations 5 Hz to 2,000 Hz, 3Grms
Environmental Protection IP67
Operating Temperature -10°C to +60°C

Geodetics LiDAR Mobile Mapping System (Geo-MMS™)

The Geo-MMS™ for the SS25L includes a high-performance, rugged GPS-aided inertial navigation system (Geo-iNav®) coupled to Velodyne's PUCKTM VLP-16 LiDAR sensor.

Raw data from the GPS, IMU and LiDAR sensors are recorded on the internal data recording device and can be postprocessed using Geodetics LiDAR Tool software suite to directly georeference and output point clouds in LAS format.

iGage X90-OPUS L1L2 GPS

Designed for NGS OPUS, this large ground-plane geodetic antenna offers low angle tracking with near choke-ring performance. With its simple 1-button operation and a 4GB internal memory that emulates USB External Drive, it's never been easier to record high precision GPS data.

Measurements 24 Channels L1 C/A code, L2C, L1/L2 full cycle carrier
Ultra low noise L1 and L2 carrier phase measurements with
Static* Position Performance Horizontal: ±5 mm + 0.5 ppm
Vertical: ±5 mm + 1 ppm
Maximum Data rate: 50 Hz
Single Housing 7.85" diameter x 3.35" height (200 mm x 85 mm)
Weight 3.1 lbs (1.4 Kg) with battery
Working Temperature -20°F to +140°F (-30°C to +60°C)
Storage Temperature -40°F to +160°F (-40°C to +70°C)
Waterproof and Dustproof IP67, protected from temporary immersion to depth of 1 meter, receiver floats
Waterproof and Dustproof IP67, protected from temporary immersion to depth of 1 meter, receiver floats

SS25L Mobile Workstation

While LiDAR collection can often be in remote locations, the post-processing of the data is typically confined to powerful desktop computers or servers in the office or datacenter. With the SS25L Mobile Workstation, you get the best of both worlds, with a highly capable workstation in a laptop format.

SS25L Software

The SS25L Mobile Workstation comes pre-installed with all the software you need to deliver quality LiDAR deliverables.

• Windows® 10 (64-bit) Professional
• Geodetics LiDAR Tools
• Geodetics RTD-Pro
• Carlson Point Cloud
• IntelliCAD
• Flight & Mission Planner

CPU INTEL Core™ i7-6700 Quad core 3.4 - 4GHz TB, HD Graphics 530, LGA 1151, 8MB L3 Cache, DDR4-2133, 14nm, 65W
Core Logic Intel® Z170 Express Chipset
Display 17.3” QFHD (3840x2160) Display with G-Sync Technology, Matte Finished
Memory 64GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4 PC4-19200 2400MHz SDRAM SODIMM
Video Controller -NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 for P778DM3-GS QS MXM Graphics Card
Primary Hard Drive 2x SAMSUNG 256GB 950 PRO 2280, V-NAND, PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe, M.2 SSD (RAID0)
Secondary Hard Drive 2x 1TB Laptop SSHD, 5400 RPM, 64MB cache, 8GB Hybrid MLC SSD, SATA 6 Gb/s (RAID0)
I/O Ports 1 HDMI™ output Port (with HDCP)
2 Mini DisplayPort 1.3
1 Thunderbolt™ 3 / USB 3.1 Gen 2 combo Port (Type-C)
1 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Port (Type-C)
4 USB 3.0 Ports (USB 3.1 Gen 1) (1 x powered USB port, AC/DC)
1 2-in-1 Audio Jack (Headphone / S/PDIF Optical output)
1 Microphone Jack
1 Line-in Jack
1 Line-out jack
1 RJ-45 LAN (10/100/1000Mbps)
Card Reader 6-in-1 Card Reader (MMC/RSMMC/SD/Mini-SD/SDHC/SDXC up to UHS-II)
Wireless Network Card INTEL Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260, 2x2 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.2, IEEE 802.11ac, 867 Mbps, M.2 2230, Wireless Card
Power Full Range 330W AC Adapter AC-in 100~240V, 50~60Hz, DC output 19.5V, 16.9A
Removable 8 cell Smart Lithium-Ion battery pack 82WH
Security Kensington® Lock Integrated Area Finger print
Dimensions 16.46" (w) x 11.63" (d) x 1.61" (h) ~8.60 lbs.
Case 1495CC1 Deluxe Laptop Computer Protector Case


Included with every SS25L system is a comprehensive training program conducted at Spectral Sky's Las Vegas (Henderson Executive Airport) facilities that includes Mission Planning, Flight & Collection as well as Data Processing*.

*An additional five 2-hour remote Data Processing training sessions via the web are included.


Every SS25L system also includes 90 Days Standard Customer Support with an Annual Service and Support Plan available.

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